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“Joy in looking and understanding is the most beautiful gift of nature” 

Albert Einstein                                                                                                                                   

I am an autodidact in photography and started as a youngster with B/W film in the old days. After a career as a professional engineer I now live in the Provence in the South of France and picked up my old passion.

Converted to digital I work with Nikon equipment, the new D500, a D800, a D810 and D700 as backup camera and lenses like  400mm, 70-200mm, 16-35mm, 24-70 mm and the TC 1.4 and TC 2.0

Post editing and processing is not my favourite, I prefer Lightroom for workflow and minor photo editing. I do not fancy Photoshop as it tends to change the real picture in something that the camera did not see when the shot was taken.

Wildlife photography is, or at least should be about the moment. It should be about that special slice of time we borrow from nature to show people something we are passionate about so it offers another perspective to observe the world around us.

Wildlife photography is what I like most, a perfect combination, or maybe an excuse, to be out in nature and making great shots.


All my pictures are avaible for sale at every desired size and support. Ready to hang on your wall, I take care of the finest print and ship all over the world.

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